6 Reasons To Make a Chandelier for the Birds

Want a free ticket to a natural outdoor theatre for your whole family? Just feed the birds and let their beauty entertain you all winter long. Why bird watch?

1. Connect with nature It is a well-documented fact that wildlife can help people feel connected to nature.

2. Gain knowledge Ornithology can be an endless learning opportunity. The Audubon Society is dedicated to conserving and restoring natural ecosystems, medicine focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

3. Improve your health Feeding the birds gets you outside and brings the outside environment in. The connection to nature can also have a calming effect.

4. Make friends Join a bird watching club and meet people. Here is a list of bird watching clubs in the US.

5. It’s inexpensive Along with buying or making (see next page) food to feed the birds, all you need to get started is a field guide to identify the birds and binoculars to get a birds-eye view of all of the action.

6. Enjoy solitude Watching birds is deeply satisfying; it opens up your senses, and it is something enjoyable that you can do by yourself.

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