Glamping Makes Many Happy Campers

Blending the terms of glamour and camping, Glamping brings nature closer to tepid campers.

I've engaged in many years of highly enjoyable camping, backpacking and adventure trips. But, now I'm done with camping. Actually, I've been through with camping ever since I spent four soggy, cold days stranded on a tiny island with my family of four. Now when we venture far from the econest, I do my due diligence and research the eco-friendliness of the accommodations down to the mattresses. No camp grounds enter my search engine anymore. Even these snazzy solar tents couldn't get me to sleep on the ground. I know, it sounds kind of wimpy. But, like I said, "I'm done with camping." So, not much coaxing or conniving could get me to snuggle back into a sleeping bag, even if my kids traveled back in time and were the cutest four year olds again (which they were a long time ago). Until now…CLICK HERE FOR MORE