Stalking The Woodpile

As the heating season warms up, I'm paying homage to my heating source - wood. Do you heat your home with wood? One hundred percent of my home is heated by wood. The heart of my house is a hot-pumping workhorse - the humble woodstove. It's been cranking out heat for years. We have three woodstoves – one for the main house, one in a detached studio and one that we fire up for our wood-heated hot tub. On the right is a picture of my son sizing the wood for our stoves last spring.

I have a fair amount of yin/yangy feelings about the environmental impact of heating with wood. I discuss my quandary, and present the cost-saving pros, as well as the ecological cons of heating with wood here.

Having just taken the wood carrier and fireproof gloves out of hiding for their first spin of the season, I headed outside last evening and admired my woodpile. Seasoned, cut and stacked, I could have sworn that luscious pile of wood winked at me.

Take a look at these images and please tell me: Can a woodpile be sexy?

Photo Credits: Gemma Comas via Sweet Paul, Swiss Miss, unknown , Design Milk, Freshome, unknown, Casa Cara, A View To, House & Home, Freshome