Dreaming: Desire To Inspire

3 things I love about Desire To Inspire (besides the room porn above):

1. Desire to Inspire is run by two women who have never met. Well, they e-met on Flickr and shared bookmarked images. Kim lives in Canada, and Jo hails from Australia. The mission of these two design junkies is to inspire the world one room at a time. I just love the way they share a long-distance relationship and their passion for all things beautiful for the home.

2. Desire to Inspire's "Pets On Furniture" feature each week is hilarious, and so very shameful. If my pooches only knew how the other half lives…Hey, that dog looks like one of mine!

3. Econesting was highlighted in Design To Inspire's latest reading list. Cool…and thanks!

Photo credits: Desire To Inspire