Ski Stories With Kids, Cute Dogs (and a video)

As a skier, I've written a bunch of ski and snowboard related posts…

I’ve accused the ski-industry of eco-unfriendly practices, asking how skiers and boarders can possibly schuss down the mountain with a clear conscience as they stomp their expensive mega-carbon footprints all over the environment?

“The ski industry notoriously gets a green thumbs down for being unfriendly to both the environment and our pocketbooks. How ski resorts deal with snow-making guns, high-speed lifts that suck up epic amounts of energy, parking lots that are amass with gas guzzling SUV’s, extravagant ski homes and the exorbitant cost of individual lift tickets over $90 at some areas, are under close scrutiny. The ski industry needs an eco-facelift.”

With that in mind, I offered up 10 Tips For Skiing On A Budget and shared an account of how my family managed to ski without breaking the bank: “Here’s a true story: Every Saturday afternoon during the winter months for years, my family loaded up the car with ski/snowboard equipment (purchased at ski swaps), food and drink (a lot of it), and kids. Many kids – my own and as many as we could squeeze in (legally). I volunteered to coordinate the school ski program that met every Saturday from 5-9 pm. Classmates and friends descended on a small ski area in the Berkshire Mountains for a few hours of night skiing (the cheapest time to ski). This rewarded my whole family a season pass each year. Yes, it was a bit of work, and one or two of those below zero Saturdays, I would have been more contented staying home by the warm fire with a hot toddy. Still, I wouldn’t have done it differently and we looked forward to it all year.”

I even dug deep into the hip DIY ski and snowboarding world and unearthed an array of ski and snowboarding projects. Did you know you could build your own skis, snowboards and roof racks? I also added a recipe for snowboarding wax, and a few knitting, sewing and woodworking projects to round out the post, 10 DIY Ski and Snowboard Projects.

This was all fun, but until last week I had yet to write about one of the most harrowing skiing experiences I ever encountered – being stuck on a ski lift at Squaw Valley during an avalanche that cut off power to the lifts. To find out how I managed to not scare myself to death for 5 hours high above the freezing Lake Tahoe snow, while waiting to be rescued, read: Rescue Pups Find Adventure And Fun In The Snow. Here’s a teaser from the video that accompanies the post (believe me, it was not nearly as much fun as these pooches are having):

Thank you, John Snyder for sharing this video on Facebook last winter.

Main Image: Ski Pup by Don Freeman