Cabin Fever Dreams

I am told Cabin Fever is not a measurable or diagnosed affliction. It is getting capitalized here like any true disease because I believe it is real. I bet you know others who have been struck with this degenerative mood-altering ailment. What, with the snow, ice, rain, slush, mud, and the freezing, freezing temps this winter, it could strike anyone.

Here's my unofficial definition of Cabin Fever:

Cabin Fever is a type of hysteria brought on by spending too much time indoors during the winter of 2011. No matter how comfortable and beautifully designed the "cabin" is, in severe cases its inhabitants can see no end in sight.

So sad.

A Site

Designtripper is a dreamy website that's fueling a travel fantasy - Pack the bags, ditch the "cabin" and hit the road. What is Designtripper?

"Designtripper explores the intersection of travel and design with genuine curiosity and good taste."

Designtripper will not book a trip for you, but it will narrate bedtime stories with design eye-candy that will,

"…inspire you to see the world through someone else’s home."

Here is the first destination on Designtripper's itinerary I'm dreaming about…

A Place

Swedish fashion brand Elvine, has launched a new design hotel concept, Creators Inn in Stockholm, Sweden. They offer free accommodations for creative people. Yes, you read that right – It's totally free. No hidden fees. The mission of Creators Inn is to promote the local area and give something back to creative travelers who they feel will contribute to making their city more interesting.

To qualify for free accommodations, potential guests need to apply on the Creators Inn website, and write a reason why they deserve a free stay, and what creative activities they will be involved in during their stay. Then their wish may be granted. Hmm, I could think of…a zillion creative activities, none the least of which could be my role as an armchair creative.

Wait, it get's even better…

Creative Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is one of those buzzy eco-terms. It generally describes a company's business model of aspiring to have an impact on the lives of workers. Elvine takes this one step further and defines their model in creative terms:

"We tried to add some creativity to the equation, labeling what we do as CSR - Creative Social Responsibility. By offering visiting creators free accommodation, we hope to remind people of a lovely little thing called hospitality. And in addition to making the visiting creators happy and Gothenburg a more interesting city because of their presence, we hope this simple idea can be exported and implemented around the globe."

Travel, giving back, creative stimulation, design inspiration, feeling good – Just what the doctor ordered...

Cabin. Fever. Cured.

Credits: Creators Inn