The TRAIN Act Is On The Wrong Track

The most current misguided effort in the war on our children’s right to breathe clean, pills healthy air is the TRAIN Act of 2011, order spearheaded by Majority Leader Cantor. This train wreck of a bill will block the EPA’s proposed standards to control mercury and power plant pollution.

The House votes at the end of the week on Bill (HR 1705), or The TRAIN Act. This bill is designed to gut Clean Air Act regulations, and leave the Environmental Protection Agency crippled.

What can you do about it? Help get the word out that we will fight to keep our families healthy, we can tell our representatives in Washington that we will not elect them if they don’t protect us from the ravages of pollution - to stop putting politics over people, we can start looking for politicians that honor their words and value all human lives, and we can stand strong with the Moms Clean Air Force because moms know what’s best for their children: Clean Air.


Photo Credit: Polyvore