Ode To Dog

darwin_guilty "Mom, you have no idea what the dogs are thinking." Like most pet owners, I often regard our dogs as if they are my children. Maybe it's an empty nest thing, but my son reminds me not to anthropomorphize my pooches by trivializing them.

Of course, dogs can experience emotions such as love, disgust, elation and guilt. The "caught in the act" photo of Darwin, our 7 yr. old lab, is testament to that. This poem probably sums it up best.

Ode to the Dog 

And he asks me with both eyes: Why is it daytime? Why does night always fall? Why does spring bring Nothing In its basket For wandering dogs But useless flowers, Flowers and more flowers? This is how the dog Asks questions And I do not reply.

~ Pablo Neruda

Photo: Jen Kiaba