All You Need Is Love

There's nothing you can do that can't be done. DIY Love Headboard – Style Files

Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.

Pom Pom Flowers – Domesticistuff

Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game.

Love Match – Interior Design Houses

It's easy.

Ceramic Hearts - Remodelista

There's nothing you can make that can't be made.

Alexander Girard Heart - Curbly

No one you can save that can't be saved.

Tea Three Ways - Design Sponge

Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you in time – It's easy.

All you need is love, all you need is love,

All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

8 Reasons To Rock-On With Meat-Free Monday (with Paul McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow)

I don’t generally get star struck, and food is not one of my writing niches, as the cook at the ‘ol econest is my husband, but when a Beatle and an Oscar-winning actress get involved in something I care deeply about, like whether or not to eat meat, I’m over the moon. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has a blog. She and Paul McCartney, a dyed-in-the-wool vegetarian, have a story to tell about the environmental impact of raising livestock.

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