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Say “I Do” Sustainably: A-Z Eco-Wedding Guide

My nephew just got married (shown here with his beautiful bride and sisters). My sister-in-law called when he got engaged and in a mother of the groom frenzy, viagra buy asked me to send her everything I knew about creating a more sustainable wedding. Green weddings are not the norm, price and the statistics show that our planet pays a mighty price for wedding extravagance: “There are 2.5 million weddings a year in the United States, with an average of more than 150 guests each.  When you add up all of the stuff that goes into weddings - single-use bleached white dresses, chemically-treated imported flowers, toxic makeup and skin care products, mined gem-based jewelry, individual packets of rice...CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Reading With Kids Makes Them Smarter

Books are like passports that open up new worlds for children. There is little debating the fact that, children who are read to at home have a higher success rate at school. Reading to young children promotes language acquisition, literacy development and achievement in reading comprehension, and overall success in school. For young children (ages 3-5), being read aloud to daily by a family member is one of the indicators of success. A recent GOOD article via this Salon article questioned whether just having lots of books in a house makes a difference in children's performance in school. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Coworking: Working Solo, But Not Alone

When asked why folks come to the Beahive, the new shared creative work space in Kingston, NY, the replies were as varied as the work they do: "My day bled all over the place before I started coming here. It was hard to stay focused and motivated with all of the distractions." "I need background noise to ignore...can't work in silence." "There is a noticeable lack of interpersonal friction here." "I just come to soak up the energy of the community." "I feel a bond with the other folks here even though we are all working on our own stuff." "I've got 4 kids at home." The virtual office has blown open the possibilities of work and has single-handedly... CLICK HERE FOR MORE