DIY Eco-Gift For The Worker On Your Holiday List

What's a worker with an eco-conscious to do when each day you look over your computer, and notice the wastebasket of your officemate fill up with crumpled paper, junk mail, faxes, post-its, newspapers and plastic water bottles?

The new year is the perfect occasion (excuse) to deploy an eco-agenda on a work space. Want to give a satisfying gift? Give a worker something that gives a green nod to the planet.

Do you know someone who uses a number-a-day calendar? Those calendars throw out 365 sheets of paper a year, and continue the cycle of paper waste.

Give an EcoBotanical Calendar and ring in a sustainable new year. Print 12 plantable pages made from 100% post-consumer waste and soy or veg-based inks. When the month passes, your office worker can plant the seed infused page outside the office window and enjoy the view - wildflowers instead of a mountain of landfill waste.

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Photos: Botanical Paperworks

Coworking: Working Solo, But Not Alone

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