Making Peace With The Holiday Creep

“Time waits for no one.” That certainly rings true during this season. This is the time of year that's been dubbed, “The Holiday Creep” - the commercial phenomenon created by retailers that accelerates the start of the holiday shopping season.

Yes, it’s that time…again. If you’ve ventured into the stores lately, you’d better watch out and you’d better not pout.

Last year, I wrote a post called, Decking The Halls Too Soon. It recalls how I had popped into Macy’s two weeks before Halloween to get a birthday present, and the trees were trimmed and the tunes were humming. This was not the case for those who visited Nordstrom's. Those folks encountered this sign:

This year I’m on a bit of a retail diet, and much of the hoopla will pass me by. But, according to the National Retail Federation, nearly 40 percent of Americans started their holiday shopping before Halloween, and nearly 40 percent started in November.

Instead of the Holiday Creep with its ceramic Santas and faux-pine trees, right about now couldn’t we just gear up for the season of peace? I could really get behind this. I might even break my diet, hit a few local stores, and throw up a peaceful decoration or two. It’s much more dazzling, and much less creepy, don’t you think?

Photo Credits: Desire To Inspire, Nordstroms