DIY Gifts For The Artist On Your Holiday List: Eco-Art Box

DIY is already a part of an artist's creative ethos. But it can be a challenge to find art supplies that are both healthy and eco-friendly. Artists welcome gifts that don’t add to the toxic soup they are often faced with daily. Why not give the artist on your holiday list all the makings for an earth-friendly, non-toxic art set? 3 Eco-Tips:

1. Read labels on art materials carefully. If a label says the product presents a health risk, chances are it will also pollute ground water when disposed of. 2. To determine whether a product is nontoxic, look for the AP (Approved Product) seal from the Art and Creative Materials Institute. AMI reviews art materials for toxicology. These products are safe for children and adults. 3. Take a whiff. Smell is a good indicator of toxicity. If it stinks, leave it out.

How to make an Eco-Art Box:

Turn an old silverware chest into an art supplies box, repurpose a fishing tackle box, or make a box from scrap wood to house art supplies.

Fill the Eco-Art Box:

Ecoartworks provides all the makings for creating green art: plant-based pastels, natural paint sets, hemp sketch pads, plant colored pencils, recycled sketch books, drawing books with onion paper, soy crayons and more. Include a copy of the Green Guide For Artists. This fabulous book contains non-toxic recipes, green art ideas and resources for the eco-conscious artist.

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