DIY Gift For The Bartender On Your List: Pomegranate Cocktail

There's something I really like about Jamie Oliver. Foremost, it's probably because he's a champion for healthy eating. I believe he is sincere in his quest to infuse a healthy dose of real food into the school lunchroom. I also like him because he is the Naked Chef. While I think he may be trying to live down that title because of his work with kids, he swears that the reason he was given that illustrious name was because he wanted to see food striped down to its bare essentials. He says, "You didn't need to dress up ingredients or buy a load of fancy gadgets to make something really tasty." But, he did ham it up on many of the talk shows about cooking in the buff. Anyway, bartenders (and spouses, in my case) work double-duty this season serving up cocktails for spirited party-goers. Whether you prefer your holiday spirits on the rocks or hot mulled, Jamie's festive Pomegranate Holiday Cocktail is sure to thrill:

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