DIY Gift For The Driver On Your List: Repurposed Driving/Biking Gloves

We'd probably all like to green up our driving practices by using public transportation more, but for many of us (myself included) driving a car remains the mode of getting from point A to point B. Do you have someone on your holiday list who loves to drive? Or, maybe they've ditched their car for a bike. Whether they drive a rechargeable hybrid, or a clean diesel (like me), or commute with two wheels and a pedal, reward them with a pair of repurposed driving gloves.

I just love this tutorial because in a few snips, you can transform an old pair of leather gloves.

DIY Repurposed Driving/Biking Gloves Materials:

  • Soft leather gloves or gloves with non-slip palms
  • Piece of chalk for marking
  • Scissors

What to do: 1. Slip on gloves. With the chalk, draw circles around each knuckle. Draw a large circle on the back of each hand. 2. Mark off right below the finger joints where you'll need to cut to expose the fingers. 3. Take the gloves off. Cut out the holes for your knuckles and fingers.

Top off the gift by including a list of green driving tips with the gloves.

Photo: Stylehive