DIY Gifts for The Environmentalist on Your Holiday List: Podcasts and Videos

Have you ever met an ex-environmentalist? I haven't. Once you are one, you stay one.

Since you found econesting, I'd venture to say that you probably are an environmentalist that knows a few treehuggers. Right? Savvy environmentalists would say that they want nothing this holiday season. But, gifts are sometimes about need, not want. What does everyone need more of? OK, just take a guess...

The correct answer is...Education! (Did I mention that I was a teacher?)

Green technology and ecological news are constantly changing. For the uber-environmentalist on your list, give the latest and greatest environmental podcasts and videos.

Environmental Podcasts

The iTunes Store (Did I also mention I was an Apple fanatic?) has zillions of free podcasts that highlight every angle of environmental issues and inspiring green living ideas. Here are the Sierra Club's podcast picks.

Environmental Videos

The TED talks are chockfull of environmentally-themed topics. The videos are "Riveting talks by remarkable people." Outside magazine named the five best environmental movies of all time here.