DIY Eco-Gifts For The Pet Lover On Your Holiday List

Naughty or nice, our pets love the holidays. My pooches catch the energy of all the holiday activity, but they don't always get what they want. Sure, they get unconditional love and romps in the snow, and hugs from guests, but they want more. They want cookies. Pets (especially dogs) suffer from severe cookie envy. They want holiday treats too.

Make these healthy dog treats to satisfy their holiday cravings.

Keep The Holidays Safe For Pets

Last year, I asked my sister-in-law, Dr. Carol Gamez of the Georgetown Veterinary Hospital, what pet owners can do to keep their pets safe and healthy.

1. So as to avoid an accident, keep your Christmas tree well anchored. This will prevent a curious feline or dog from knocking it over.

2. The use of tinsel, string or yarn to decorate the tree should be avoided, as these can potentially cause a life-threatening blockage if ingested by your cat.

3. Since cats love to chew on plants, keep Poinsettias in areas that the cat cannot access. Although not necessarily poisonous, they can cause serious gastrointestinal symptoms if ingested.

4. Never leave holiday candles burning in areas that can be accessed by your pets, as they could knock them over a cause a fire.

5. During the holiday season, we all tend to overeat. Sweets and high fat foods should not be given to your pets. And don't be tempted to feed them off the table. This encourages begging and bad manners.

6. After a holiday meal, enjoy a healthy walk and bring your furry friends too. Your dog will enjoy the exercise.

7. If it's chilly outside, keep your dog warm with a winter coat especially if they are a short-coated breed.

8. Salt on the road can harm your pet's feet. If at all possible, avoid salted roads. If not possible, dog boots can be worn. Or, simply shorten the walk. Then rinse your dog’s feet with warm water to remove the salt after the walk.

Thanks, Carol!

Photo: Jen Kiaba