DIY Eco-Gifts For the Vegetarian and Vegan On Your Holiday List

"Passionate" is too lightweight a word to describe how some folks feel about the dietary decision to become a vegetarian or vegan. It is a distinction that I think a lot of people don't understand. So, let's curb the confusion and set the record straight:

People tend to have a clearer idea of what a vegetarian is, but when someone mentions being a vegan, all sorts of questions arise. The VegeKitchen explains,

"Vegetarians avoid meat, fowl, and seafood; vegans avoid all animal products in the diet, including eggs, dairy products, and honey. They also avoid any animal products in daily life. No leather, no wool, and no cosmetics tested on animals. For most vegans, ethical factors weigh in equally, if not more so, as health and environmental issues. Concerns for animal welfare and the embracing of a more compassionate lifestyle means that in general, any products that are animal-derived or that contain animal byproducts are avoided."

Like most cooks, vegetarians and vegans have food-stained funky folders stuffed with tried and true recipes. Plus, there are loads of cooking websites and blogs with tasty meatless recipes. Why not turn those recipes into a cookbook for the vege/vegan on your holiday list? DIY Vege/Vegan Cookbook

Creating a personalized cookbook for a vegetarian or vegan from their own recipes will show them that you respect their dietary decision. Making a cookbook is easy with the TasteBook. It is a straightforward site that collects and organizes recipes and creates a published cookbook. Yum.