Living Inside A Snow Globe

snow-globe-photo5600 There is a simplicity to winter when a snowstorm casts a shadowy blanket of calmness onto the woods around our nests. Its quiet stillness is like the insulated caress of living inside a dome of snow. The storm at my home arrived right after the barreling in of far-flung children, presents and all the holiday festivities. In its wake, the storm left us a winter wonderland, but no chance to fulfill our travel plans to drive to my mom's on Sunday. Instead, the four of us unplugged, unwound and reconnected as a family. It is in this calmness that I hope you also had a moment to step back and enjoy the wonderland of your life.

Make and Shake Snow Globes

I had a small childhood collection of souvenir-type snow globes. They are long gone, but those tiny window wonderlands pop into my thoughts each winter.

When I was a teacher, I created snow globes with the school kids for holiday gifts for their parents from this adapted Martha Stewart project. It was my way of sharing everything I love about winter (which you can read more about here, here and here).


A jar (baby food or olive jars work well)

Ceramic figurines

Small evergreen tips or flowers from craft shops

Glitter or fake snow

Distilled water

Glycerin (available in drug or health food stores)

Clear drying waterproof epoxy

Small piece of sandpaper

What to do: 1. Sand the inside of the lid until the surface is rough. 2. Adhere the figurine to the inside of the lid with epoxy and let dry. 3. Fill the jar almost to the top with distilled water. 4. Add a pinch of glitter–not too much or the glitter will stick to the bottom of the jar when it is flipped. 5. Add a dash of glycerin. 6. Screw on the lid tightly, being careful not to dislodge the figurine. 7. Shake the jar and watch it snow!

Photos: Materialicious, LA TimesMartha Stewart

DIY Eco-Gift For The Worker On Your Holiday List

What's a worker with an eco-conscious to do when each day you look over your computer, and notice the wastebasket of your officemate fill up with crumpled paper, junk mail, faxes, post-its, newspapers and plastic water bottles?

The new year is the perfect occasion (excuse) to deploy an eco-agenda on a work space. Want to give a satisfying gift? Give a worker something that gives a green nod to the planet.

Do you know someone who uses a number-a-day calendar? Those calendars throw out 365 sheets of paper a year, and continue the cycle of paper waste.

Give an EcoBotanical Calendar and ring in a sustainable new year. Print 12 plantable pages made from 100% post-consumer waste and soy or veg-based inks. When the month passes, your office worker can plant the seed infused page outside the office window and enjoy the view - wildflowers instead of a mountain of landfill waste.

CLICK HERE for 15 ways to curb office waste.

Photos: Botanical Paperworks